Q. Do you do custom pieces using my own items?

A. Yes I can do that, you just have to pay and ship items to me, with a color theme and ideas.  If you have special items you would like to be encased in resin Forever and turned into a Special Art Piece, this is the way to go.  I will be in touch so we can go over details.

Q. I see you have "Caution" on many of your Art Pieces, Why?

A. Yes I do, it is because I use Recycled and Broken items, there may be screws, pieces of broken glass, wire bits etc protruding from my work.  I do my best to check every piece over and cover with resin.  So I advise Caution when handling my artwork.

Q. Can your items be handled by children?

A. No I do not recommend it, even though I have Childrens art pieces, children should not be unsupervised with them.  They are Art Pieces not toys, there are many small pieces, choking hazard.  My Art pieces are all glued securely with a  high grade glue and secured with resin but we know how determined our children are, if they decide they want a piece off of my art.  So please use Caution.

Q. How do I clean my glass pieces?

A. Do not soak glass in water, use a damp soapy cloth and dry thoroughly.  Be gentle, although items are glued on with a high quality glue and than secured with resin, they still may loosen off if handled rough.

Q. How do I dust off canvas and wood pieces?

A. Use a damp cloth.

Q. Are all your Wall pieces Ready for hanging on the wall?

A. Yes, all my canvases have heavy brown paper on the backs and durable wire, ready to hang up and enjoy.


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