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3 Skulls on a Studded Textured Wall Plaque, Home Decor, Punk Art

3 Skulls on a Studded Textured Wall Plaque, Home Decor, Punk Art


This studded wall plaque features three intricately designed skulls, creating a unique and edgy home decor piece perfect for those with a punk aesthetic. Made from high-quality materials, this skull wall hanger adds a touch of rebellion and personality to any space.



  • Textured Background with STUDS
  • One with Green Glass Cabochons, Round Beads
  • One with Blue Glass Cabochons, Oval Beads
  • 3 Skulls
  • 2 Large Beads
  • 1 Hook for Keys. Jewelry etc.

Vibrant Purple Glass Vase Fabric Skulls & Rhinestones

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Original One of a Kind Art Designs

Wipe off with a damp cloth

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