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Big Buck Cut Out Wall Plaque in Red and Black

Big Buck Cut Out Wall Plaque in Red and Black

Individually hand-painted, this exquisite Plaster cast Buck in black and red is adorned with a variety of intricate details such as gears, fishing hooks, screws, bolts, nuts, shell casings, beer caps, and pull tabs. A perfect present for any hunter in the household, it adds a touch of sophistication when displayed alongside genuine Deer Heads in the Living area, garage, or Man Cave.

  • 35 x 30 x 3 cm
  • 49 g

Vibrant Purple Glass Vase Fabric Skulls & Rhinestones

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Original One of a Kind Art Designs

Wipe off with a damp cloth

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Beautiful Black and Red Box, with Red Roses, Black Leaves, Berries and Netting and Skull Charms.  Peek Inside for for a cool Message.Red Roses, Black Leaves and Berries and

Checkout this lovely UNIQUE Black and Red Box with Red Roses, Black Leaves, Berries, Netting and Skull Charms. Take a Peek Inside for a Cool Design. If you Love Skulls, Check this Baby out./collections/jewelry-boxes-and-wine-boxes