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Tattooed, Clad in Leather, Lady, on 16x20 Inch Canvas Clock in Teal and Purple

Tattooed, Clad in Leather, Lady, on 16x20 Inch Canvas Clock in Teal and Purple

This clock is truly a masterpiece, measuring 16x20 inches. The stunning colors of Teals, Blues & Purples make it stand out as a unique work of art. The redesigned doll, clad in leather and adorned with dyed hair, tattoos, and piercings, adds even more character to this extraordinary piece. The background features intricate details such as lace, tulle, flowers, skulls, copper fittings, chains, and even motorcycles. Contrasting elements like seashells, butterflies, potion bottles, recycled jewelry, and even a pig make this clock a must-see for anyone with an appreciation for creativity.
  • Awesome Canvas Clock
  • Beautiful Colors of Blue, Teal, Purple and Yellow
  • Girl Doll Wearing Homemade Leather Fringed Dress
  • Purple and Teal Striped Hair
  • Hand Painted Tattoos
  • Tons of Flowers
  • Motorcycles
  • Flowers, Beads, Chains, Shells
  • Recycled Belts, Jewelry
  • 1.259 g
  • 60L 48W 14d cm

Vibrant Purple Glass Vase Fabric Skulls & Rhinestones

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