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Naughty Lady Bug Wall Hanger with a Red Rose

Naughty Lady Bug Wall Hanger with a Red Rose

    Embrace the adventure of incorporating boldness into your wall decor with our Naughty Lady Bug Wall Hanger! Featuring a textured background, a fiery red rose, and delicate white baby's breath, this piece of wood is adorned with a red resin cross, safety pin, screw nail, ladybug, heart-shaped resin, gear, and button. Splashes of red and black glass cabochons and hearts add a touch of daring. Braided trim adorns the edges, while a recycled necklace chain serves as a sturdy hanger. The rose and leaves are accented with vibrant blue glitter while the remaining art is brushed with shimmering silver and gold.


    • 192 g
    • 30 x 15 x 7 cm

    Vibrant Purple Glass Vase Fabric Skulls & Rhinestones

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    Original One of a Kind Art Designs

    Wipe off with a damp cloth

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