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Lynda's Unique Designs

Unique See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Skull Wall Peg Rack

Unique See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Skull Wall Peg Rack

  • I am Very Proud of this Original Design.  I Had a Blast Designing these Beauties.  I Recycle an old light by removing all the guts,  and attaching it to an old plank from a home torn down.  I decorated three Plastic Skull Heads with Red and Black Velour Fabric, The plank has some dings and dents but this only adds to its Charm. 
  • Would look Fantastic in the ol MAN CAVE, SHE SHED OR ANYWHERE IN YOUR  HOME
  • SEE NO EVIL Boasts a Red and Black Velvet Bandana with Chains, Earrings and lots of Screws to his Head
  • HEAR NO EVIL Wears Her Pretty Bandana on her Head, with Black Lace, Red Roses, Baubles and Huge Earrings
  • She is wearing her Large Loop Earrings with Dangling Red Hearts, She Is Stunning!!!!!
  • SPEAK NO EVIL is Gagged with his Bandana, also has Chains Criss Crossed on his Mouth
  • Check Out His Studded Eyebrows
  • This Comes with Strong Gauge Wire to Hang OR Key Holes Cut out to Mount on Screws, which is Recommended 
  • L 70 W 30 D 30 cm
  • Heads are Adjustable
  • 3 Beautifully Decorated Skulls
  • Red Glass Eyes
  • Resin poured over to give it more Depth and Shine

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Beautiful Black and Red Box, with Red Roses, Black Leaves, Berries and Netting and Skull Charms.  Peek Inside for for a cool Message.Red Roses, Black Leaves and Berries and

Checkout this lovely UNIQUE Black and Red Box with Red Roses, Black Leaves, Berries, Netting and Skull Charms. Take a Peek Inside for a Cool Design. If you Love Skulls, Check this Baby out./collections/jewelry-boxes-and-wine-boxes